Preparing for Your Donor Eggs

Even though you are using donor eggs from a donor egg angel, it is really important to prepare you mentally and physically for IVF cycle using donor eggs. Choosing to use donor eggs for your conception is a beautiful way to create your family. With any IVF cycle, on average it takes 3 cycles to achieve a conception and baby in your arms. And like any pregnancy, it takes 3 months of preconception care for you to be baby ready as you head into your DEIVF. We want to ensure adequate blood flow to the uterus for a successful transfer and subsequent implantation. We want to remove possible hormonal, nutritional or lifestyle obstacles that may prevent a successful outcome using donor eggs, and we want you to be physically and emotionally prepared for pregnancy and your little bub.

At The Fertile Project our expertise lies is preparing you mentally, physically and emotionally for DE IVF.

We offer an holistic and natural approach to a successful pregnancy and live birth using with donor eggs. Learn more about the nutritional, mental and emotional preparation you need for donor eggs and IVF treatment.


What is the Donor Egg Process?

Donor eggs and IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) is a two-part process.

The egg donor angels ovaries are stimulated with standard IVF drug protocols to produce eggs, in preparation for egg collection. Embryos can then be created combining the donor eggs with the partner (or donor) sperm before being transferred to the intending gestational parent.

At The Fertile Project ideally we love to support all three people involved in the DEIVF- egg donor angel, sperm donor and the intending gestational parent. We do this with our bespoke preconception care program, specifically designed for donor support Of course, it is not always possible to for preconception health care If the egg and / or sperm and / or embryo donor is unknown (anonymous) or from overseas, and that is ok. We concentrate our efforts on preparing the known intending parents.

Our Experience

Miranda Myles is Co-Director & Co-Founder of The Fertile Project and is Australia’s Natural Health Expert in Donor Eggs. She is The Modern Medicine Woman and Fertility Goddess — for good reason. Her extensive experience in natural fertility and IVF / DEIVF support has assisted countless people to achieve their long-held goals of becoming parents. She will inspire you to think outside the box when it comes to your conception and bridge the gap between you and your baby.

“I want to help you better understand your health, your hormones, your fertility, your blood test results; all of it. My aim is to help you fix your fertility, create happy hormones, balance your emotions, regulate your period, improve your energy, sleep like a baby and make a baby,” says Miranda.

“Having lived through the process, I know exactly what we need to do to help you create your unique family using donor eggs. The end result of my journey are my two healthy children conceived from three donors, 12 rounds of IVF, 15 embryos, three trips to Thailand and four trips to Malaysia. I know what it takes and I want to help you get there sooner rather than later”


Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose an egg donor

Many people rely on family members to donate eggs, so they can conceive using donor eggs from within the family. Otherwise, various institutions provide services for you to find donor eggs for fertility in Melbourne, Australia or overseas. Miranda has many contacts to help direct you where you need to go to find the best egg donor for you.

The ideal egg donors are aged from their mid-twenties to mid-thirties, with no history of genetic or medical conditions. Health history, education levels and physical appearance are some of the key factors used to choose an egg donor.

How much does it cost to get an egg donor?

The typical cost for egg donor IVF varies, but you should check with your IVF clinic for exact pricing. Pricing is dependent on how many eggs you choose, and whether you choose to do your DEIVF locally in Austria or overseas

Treatment usually includes preparation and management of your cycle by your IVF fertility specialist. The treatment includes cycle monitoring through blood tests and ultrasounds conducted by your IVF clinic, as well as counselling services throughout your treatment. Medications may or may not be included, depending on your clinic of choice.

Will a donor egg have my DNA?

A baby inherits its nuclear DNA from the egg donor and sperm donor. Because parents using donor eggs for IVF are using another persons eggs, there is legitimate fear around the fact that the donor egg won’t have their DNA.

However, the gestational parents does impart important genetic influences as they are responsible for “switching on” particular genes in the baby via mRNA which gives the baby its unique characteristics as it grows and develops as a beautiful little human.. There is also some evidence that the gestational parent will pass on around 4% of its DNA to the baby.

Does egg donor blood type matter?

Simply put, no. The blood type of the egg donor won’t have any impact on the successful outcome of your donor egg IVF treatment, or on the eventual health of mother and baby.

However, some people prefer to choose donor eggs whose blood type will match that of the gestational parent for a myriad of reasons.